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There are some errors on my template

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      Hello dear
      There are some errors on my template, please fix them for me
      1 – The social media icons, when they are selected, the link is set, and saved, all their complaints will disappear, only their place will appear in the form of an empty circle
      2 – The head is not consistent with the interface of the mobile and I tried all the changes and it did not work
      3 – It is not possible to divide and coordinate the appearance of products on the surface of the mobile so that two products appear next to each other instead of one product appearing
      4 – When you change the language of the template to Arabic on the product page, add to the product and reduce the product in the shopping cart, its entire shape appears inconsistent, and also the participation and the crowns all appear inconsistent and above some
      5 – There are problems with formatting the shape of the template while choosing the Arabic language as a default language
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