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Theme issues to be corrected

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      Hello. Thank you for assisting me. I have almost finished my site but came across some issues with the theme I Hope you can help with:

      1. Home page: the information boxes for both “Pricing” and “Events” do not align. The icon boxes do not line up horizontally and nor do the headings. This is more obvious on the mobile version

      2. Home page: Advertising boxes, clickable button is not visible on mobile version and also on some desktop versions. Also on the mobile version only two boxes appear rather than the three.

      3. Home page: Countdown timer is not resizing on the tablet/mobile version

      4. Menu: Usually there is a “delete” button to remove a menu item. This is not visible. Please delete the second “About us” under “About us”

      5. Accordion: I have accordion features on the Gift Card page and also the FAQ page. I want all accordions to be closed as the default however there are no options to select.

      Thank you

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