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      I recently bought this template, potentially it could be perfect for our project. However, there are a number of problems that I cannot solve.
      Currently the template is installed in a test environment:, from the theme options I saw that it should be the choice of the side bar for WooCommerce or the blog, the problem is that I see as a widget just the blog sidebar and nothing else.
      I had to download a plugin that allowed me to create new sidebars, this hga partially solved the problem, in any case I can’t associate my sidebar in the theme options.
      Another problem concerns the sidebar css that from your demo is in one way in mine in another, maybe this is also linked to the same problem reported above?
      Finally I did not fully understand the functioning of the filters in the pages and grid-view. Theoretically it should take what I set inside the product attributes, but currently the system makes me display a warning message.
      Can you help me?

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