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      I am contacting you because we bought your theme months ago and I would need to make some changes, I list them below. I would like to know how to:

      1. Remove the Google Plus icon from the products page and add those of Instagram and whatsapp
      2. How to keep the menu fixed on mobile
      3. Remove the title “Description” on the product pages or at least how to customize it on each item
      4. How to avoid that in the product pages, pages and categories, the description, the cart, the reviews, the additional information and the related products do not appear in H2. The settings of H2,H3 and so on are not optimally structured for SEO.
      5. How to arrange the space, on mobile and desktop, between the icons relating to quantities and “add to cart” relating to the product page and those of the cart and search bar in the header, which appear to be too close to each other. I asked support how to fix it and they suggested a change to the css code, however when I insert it I get an error in the theme editor.
      6. how to change the color of the text inside the product quantity icon and inside the search bar. From analysis it appears that the color is too difficult to read because it blends with the background which is already clear as a hue.
      7. How to make the home page slide responsive, which on mobile is not displayed in full but only partially (SV Banner Slide Style 6)

      I insert below reference link:

      I am attaching a pdf screenshot of the problems numbered according to those exposed.

      Sure to receive your kind reply I wish you a good day
      with regard

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