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Big problem during the login process !!

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      I have installed the latest version of ama ali (2.5) and found a serious error in the login popup window during the process of registering a new user !!

      In your popup the form contains the extra password field (wp-registration.jpg & ali-create-account.jpg) something that the WordPress registration form does not contain (wp-login.php, wp-registration.jpg).
      When a new user registers, he also sets the password as requested by your form! Immediately after, he is automatically led to the login, giving the data he filled in during the registration process from the previous registration form,
      thinking that passwrd has passed along with the other details (username, email)! But there passes an error message that the password is not correct (ali-login-error.jpg) which is of course correct and what must be returned to the user since the WordPress registration form informs the user during the registration process after completing his usename and email that a link will be sent to him via email to complete his registration password (wp-registration.jpg) !!
      This is not mentioned in your registration form, as a result of which the user is confused and after repeated attempts to register incorrectly (from the site admin I see several attempts with incorrect password entry) he finally leaves the site !!

      Logically you should remove the password field from the registration form and add a text that an email will be sent to confirm the registration and the user can fill in their password (wp-password-reset.jpg & wp-password-reset -ok.jpg) !!

      What can I do until you fix the problem and how can I send it directly until you do it (possibly with a new version) the “My account” icon sends new users directly to wp-login.php instead of ama ali popup appears;

      You can check the problem with information that I will send you in a private message ..

      Thank you for your time

      Ps. some photos will come after this message

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