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    Please help! I have spent hours I don’t have trying to find EXACTLY where to change the logo for Header 4 in the Anam theme. I have read other support tickets which refer to editing the header logo element, which I do not see. Here is what I see when I attempt to edit Header 4: I attempted to change the logo file name, to no avail (nothing shows up). I have been all over the WP Bakery and Visual Composer settings, but cannot find the “logo element” setting referred to in other support tickets. Here’s what I’m hoping you can provide to help me with this: an exact roadmap to the setting: An EXACT menu location, followed by an EXACT submenu, followed by such and such a setting. An EXACT roadmap is all I need. Please don’t send me on a goosechase like I’ve seen in other tickets. I need to know exactly where to go so my frustration levels do not continue to increase at how unnecessarily convoluted a simple task is that everyone will need to do that downloads this theme.

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